Kansas State Fairgrounds

Hutchinson, Kansas

Labor Day, 1952


Cars lined up for the start of the late model strictly stock car feature.  Jim Roper won this race from the pole position in an Oldsmobile 88.  J. R. "Bob" Cox placed second in the black 1947 Ford #14 pictured here on the outside of the second row J. R Cox collection




 .  This photograph was taken at nearly the same time as the photo above and is much clearer.  It was also taken just before the photo below J. R Cox collection




This was the official pre-race photo.  Starter Ted Davis of Salina, Kansas is holding the checkered flag.  The other official has been identified as Bill Lehman of Hutchinson but since Lehman participated in this race, it is unlikely that he also officiated.  The only driver identified in this photo to date is Jim Roper of Halstead, Kansas who started from the pole position in an Oldsmobile 88 that carried car #56 for the Melton Motor Company of Belleville, Kansas who owned the car.  If you can identify anyone else in this photo, please contact Bob Lawrence Lehman collection




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