Antique Automobile Races

On the Historic Half-mile Racetrack at the

Kansas State Fairgrounds

 Hutchinson, Kansas


Sunday May 14, 1961


Entries 103 cars




Hutchinson News

May 13, 1961 - page 6




 Herb Ottaway of Wichita, Kansas in his 1901 Locomobile

Ottaway collection




Sam Gardner of Wichita, Kansas in his Ford speedster at the races on this afternoon

Hutchinson News photo




Francis Turley's 1907 Maxwell runabout.  This was the only car entered in the two-cylinder class so Turley disconnected a spark plug and competed in the single-cylinder class - Hutchinson News




Individual race results have not been located but here is a list of winners from this afternoon:




Dutch Hoefer

Hutchinson, Kansas

1908 Clyde

Herb Ottaway

Wichita, Kansas

1901 Locomobile

Gil Johnson

Wichita, Kansas


Dale King

Wichita, Kansas


Bob Peters

Joplin, Missouri


Bob Conklin

Kechi, Kansas


Ray Blanton

Hutchinson, Kansas


Charles Kimbell

Topeka, Kansas


Leslie Walton

Newton, Kansas


C. R. Mott

Wichita, Kansas


John Dillon

Hutchinson, Kansas


Elva Allen

Hutchinson, Kansas


Emmett Allen

Hutchinson, Kansas


Donald Cinakek

Ellsworth, Kansas






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