Steven "Dutch" Cipelle

c1906 - 1939


This roadster was Steven “Dutch” Cipelle’s Plymouth but the driver is unidentified.  Cipelle was fatally injured while racing this car at Colby, Kansas in 1939.  The photographs on this web page were taken at an unnamed 1/2 mile dirt road course that was used in the 1930s.  It was located 1/4 mile east of Hillside and one block north of Harry Street in Wichita, Kansas.













Woodie Spencer is shown here driving Dutch Cipelle’s Plymouth roadster




Dutch Cipelle prepares for a race in his Plymouth roadster




All of the photographs on this web page were taken by Marjorie Meyer








Stephen Cipell

Steven Cipell

Steve Cipell 

Dutch Cippell

Stephen Cippell

Steven Cippell

Steve Cippell