Bob Sledge in a Riley - c1933

Pappy Noe collection

Bob Sledge

in 1939

Pappy Noe collection


Bob Sledge was a Texan.  Some sources claim he was from Houston while other sources list the small Mexican boarder town of Eagle Pass, Texas as his hometown.  Whichever is correct, he raced mostly in the Dallas, Texas area in the early 1930s although he apparently did venture far enough north to race at the Bo Stearns racetrack north of Wichita, Kansas on August 13, 1933 and at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson on September 20, 1935.  By the late 1930s, he was racing in outlaw shows and with I.M.C.A. throughout the Midwest.

On the afternoon of April 3, 1933, Sledge was driving a car owned by Carl Mayfield of Oklahoma City at the Love Field Speedway in Dallas, Texas when his car struck Jim Ogden, a part-time driver himself and owner of the car that Pete Lambert was driving that day.  Ogden had been standing near the racetrack and Sledge did not see him due to a thick cloud of dust raised by the race leaders.  The accident happened on the fourth lap of a 16-lap race.  Emergency personnel carried Ogden away from the racetrack and into the infield where they laid him on the ground.  For some unexplained reason, race officials decided to continue the race to its conclusion without stopping the race for the accident and while Ogden lay there in full view of the spectators.  A waiting ambulance and doctor treated Ogden for two broken legs before he was removed to a hospital after the race concluded.



Bob Sledge in the Campbell D. O. HAL in the early 1940s.  That is car owner V. P. “Peaches” Campbell standing beside the car.

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 Bob Sledge at Hutchinson, Kansas in 1937

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Bob Sledge in an unknown Hisso in the late 1930s

Larry Sullivan photo from the Bill Green collection