Tin Lizzie Derby

Bo Stearns’ Track

Wichita, Kansas

Sunday Afternoon, August 27, 1939


Jack Hanselman in the Cleo Vess Bottling Company Special that he entered in the Tin Lizzie Derby

Wichita Beacon photo


This 200-lap, 100-mile derby was promoted by Eddie Cluxton who charged 50˘ for adult admission, 25˘ for children under 12, and a $15 per car entry fee for the racers.  Cluxton also posted $500 in purse to be split $250 to the winner, $150 for second place, $75 for third place, and $25 for fourth place.

            The only entries in this race that have been found so far are:






Jack Hanselman

Haven, KS


Whistle Special

Kenneth Robinson

Frederick, KS


Green Bottle Special

Dean “Casey” Case

Lyons, KS


Jittering Model-T Bug

Harold Salmon

Hutchinson, KS


Cities Service Oil Company Special

Howard Carpenter

McPherson, KS





 To see a the published rules for this Tin Lizzie Derby



If you know anything more about this Tin Lizzie Derby or the participants in it, please contact Bob Lawrence.




Dean Aaron “Casey” Case

1915 - 1976 


Kenneth Robinson

1901 – 1967


Harold Isaiah Salmon

1911 – 1972