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Established February 15, 1998


          This is the front page of my web ring connecting the various vintage auto racing related websites that I have constructed.  This web ring is provided to assist you in touring these websites in somewhat of an organized fashion.  To begin your tour, click your mouse on the race car logo below and you will be transported to the front page of the first website in the series.  Tour the pages of that website for as long as you wish before returning to the front page of that website and then clicking your mouse on the web ring logo there like the one below that is provided on the front page of each website in this web ring.  By doing so, you will be transported to the next website in the web ring.  Be sure to click your mouse on the smaller photos you come to as many of those are “thumbnails” that lead to still more of my web pages.  Also be sure to sign the guest book at one of the opportunities provided along the way.  I hope you enjoy your tour as it is my pleasure to share my passion for the history of this sport with you.

          If you are the owner of the rights to a photo on this website and you are not credited, please contact me through the “Click Here” button below at right.  I will either credit the owner or removed the photo, whichever the owner prefers. 

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