J. Alex Sloan

Louis J. Irwin

Bo Stearns’ Track

Wichita, Kansas

June 19, 1932

            John Alex Sloan, founder of the International Motor Contest Association (IMCA), scheduled an automobile race at Bo Stearns’ Track for June 19, 1932.  Newspaper stories of the time focused on Sig Haugdahl’s jet car that was to make an exhibition appearance during the program.  The only driver pre-entries in these races found to date were those of Louis J. Irwin and Hampton Cox, both of St. Joseph, Missouri.  The races rained out and were rescheduled to be run on the following Sunday, June 26, 1932.

On Monday, June 20, 1932, there was an announcement in the Wichita Eagle that construction of new seats at the Bo Stearns’ track would begin about July 1, 1932.






Bo Stearns’ Track – Wichita, Kansas

June 26, 1932



Shano Fitzgerald

Wichita Eagle

Saturday, June 25, 1932 – page 6:

            Shano Fitzgerald, Chicago speedster, will compete in the auto race events which are on tap for the Wichita Driving club track Sunday, June 26.  Fitzgerald will be at the wheel of his Chicago Special in the events which will christen the “Bo” Stearns’ track to its first taste of big-league speed.


Tex West



Wichita Beacon

Sunday, June 26, 1932 – page 10

            Throttle jammers Tex West of Dallas, Texas and Leo Ware of Racine, Wisconsin will figure prominently in today’s auto race program at the Bo Stearns’ track on North Lawrence Highway.





Wichita Eagle

Sunday, June 26, 1932 – page 11

Wichita Eagle

Monday, June 27, 1932 – page 6:


Rains Wreck Two

Events in Sport

Auto Races Are Postponed Sunday by Heavy Moisture

            The “wet parade” was the feature picture on the Wichita sport stage Sunday.  The unusual spectacle of two consecutive rainy Sundays drowned out auto races at the “Bo” Stearns farm track.  It wrecked havoc with plans of the automobile men.  Drivers who had been held here for nearly two weeks were forced to depart for other tracks where they had engagements of long standing.  It was tentatively planned to hold a meet on August 7.  Horse racing will come up on July 12 and plans for a meet between now and then had to be abandoned.  Racing officials stated that the track was worse than the previous Sunday when the meet might have been held but for bad conditions in the parking grounds.  Yesterday, a heavy rain around noon made the track a bad mess.