Bob McElree, of Wichita, Kansas is shown here with the stock car he raced at Winfield, Kansas in 1951.  Bob drove under the alias "Bob Mack".  The car was owned by Pat Lucas who was also of Wichita – Ira Woodward photo


Bob Mack at right, is shown here receiving a trophy from track owner and promoter Carl Johnson at CeJay Stadium in Wichita, Kansas.  The car is a 1932 Ford Crown Victoria modified owned by Harry Everhart.

The car on the other side of Everhart’s Crown Victoria (with white spots on the roof) is a 1934 Crown Victoria owned by Paul Flynn of Abilene, Kansas and driven by his brother, Maurice Flynn.

The car #51 in the background at the far left side of this photo was owned by Al Williams of Wichita.

Jim Edwards photo




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