Cowley County Fair
Tuesday, September 27, 1927



Winfield Daily Courier
Monday, September 19, 1927 - Page 8:

Speed is Promised For Racing Fans at County Fair



     Some fast drivers will be entered in the auto races at Winfield on September 27, the opening day of the Cowley County Fair, according to Ducky Scott**, manager of the auto racing program who was in Winfield Saturday.

     Johnnie Gerber, well known driver of the middle west who won the Lund trophy at the Cedar Rapids, Iowa races on Labor Day, will be one of the drivers.  He also broke the Iowa dirt track record with time: 28:24.  He also turned in the best time trial at Topeka, Wednesday, against the best dirt track drivers of the east as well as taking three firsts out of three races.

     Other cars entered are: “Dad” Harrier, one of the oldest drivers on the dirt tracks; Al Koepke, Dusty Deines, Mike Koenitzer*, Ducky Scott**, D. S. Dailey, and others.



Winfield Daily Courier
Saturday,  September 24, 1927 - Page 7:

A Middle West Racing Favorite






    Pictured above is Johnny Gerber in his “Whippet Special” who has entered in the auto races to be held on the opening day of the seventh annual Cowley County Fair.  According to racing critics, Gerber is the best dirt track driver in the middle west.

     At Cedar Rapids, Iowa, he won the Lund trophy in the Labor Day races.  He also broke the Iowa dirt track record, coming under the flag in 28:24.  Early in September at Topeka, he made the best time of all the entries in the races.

     Other well-known and fast drivers entered in the fair races on September 27 are: Al Koepke, Dusty Deines, Mike Koenitzer*, Ducky Scott**, and D. S. Dailey.  “Dad” Harrier, one of the oldest drivers on the dirt, is entered.

     Inquires coming from all parts of the country indicate that a large crowd will attend the auto races here.  Despite the wet track which prevented much speed in the auto races that were held at the fairgrounds in July, a large crowd was present and were entertained with thrills as the racing cars roared around the half-mile track.

     With the large number of entries and the fast cars entered, the races next Tuesday promise to repeat the thrills for motor racing fans in Winfield and the surrounding country.







John B.
"Johnny" Gerber






Phineas Comador "Dad" Harrier









All Three Entered This Race at Winfield
Left to right:  Albert "Mike" Koenitzer* and #15 John Gerber, both of Meriden, Kansas;
and #6 Phineas Comador "Dad" Harrier, of Topeka, Kansas





The ad at left appeared on page 7 of the
Saturday, September 24, 1927 issue of the:

Winfield Daily Courier




Winfield Daily Courier
Monday, September 26, 1927, Front Page:

Seventh Annual Fair Starts Tuesday
One of Season's Events to Start Off on Schedule

Track in Fine Shape for Auto Races on Opening Day



    Several auto racers arrived today and the other entries will arrive early tomorrow.  Provided there is no further rain, the track will be in excellent condition by Tuesday afternoon.




Winfield Daily Courier
Tuesday, September 27, 1927, Front Page:

Hold Auto Races at County Fair Next Saturday



    Because of bad weather, the program which was scheduled for today at the Cowley County Fair has been postponed until Saturday.  At two o'clock Saturday afternoon, weather permitting, the auto races will be held.











* O. Albert "Mike" Koenitzer (1897-1969) is buried in the Meriden Cemetery at Meriden, Kansas.


** Alfred Lloyd “Ducky” Scott (1905-1988) is buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Topeka, Kansas.






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