September 2, 1957







    The advertisement at left appeared in the Winfield Daily Courier on August 27, 1957 and again on August 30, 1957.

  Winfield Daily Courier
                                  Tuesday, September 3, 1957, Page 3

    Good Attendance at Car Races Monday
     The Labor Day stock car racing program held Monday at the fairgrounds under sponsorship of the Winfield Lions club, was well attended.  There were seven races.  Lyle Baker was the judge and Jim Roper the flagman.  Race winners were:

First heat - Dale Reed
Second heat - Orval Beckel
Third heat - Vernice McElroy
Trophy dash - Ralph Cole
First semi-final - Charlie Lutkie
Second semi-final - Ralph Cole
A feature - Orval Beckel


All of these cars were owned by men from Arkansas City, Kansas and competed in these races at Winfield.  The car owners were: #46 Bob Knox, #35 Allen Carter, #4A Ernie McCoy, and #42 Lawrence Miller.  The photograph was taken in September of 1957 – Mike McCoy collection


The #43 white Ford coupe on the infield, in the center of this photo was owned by Allen Carter of Arkansas City, Kansas and driven by Charlie Hiner of Wichita, Kansas.  Charlie Lutkie's #24 Hudson coupe can also be seen on the infield just inside turn two at right - Charlie Hiner collection



The #83 Ford coupe was owned and driven by Pete Jacobs of Wichita, Kansas.  The #43 was owned by Allen Carter and driven by Charlie Hiner.  Charlie Lutkie's Hudson coupe can just partially be seen at left - Charlie Hiner collection



The 1934 Ford coupe #73 at right was driven by Don Barlow of Eads, Colorado and sponsored by Lloyd Harp of Wichita, Kansas. The car was first painted as #13 but fellow competitors did not like that choice of number and convinced Don to change it so he did to #73. The #24 Hudson coupe on the outside of the second row was owned and driven by Charlie Lutkie of Wichita, Kansas.  Behind the #24 is the #98 Oldsmobile driven by Will Forrest also of Wichita.  Visible walking among the cars is Lyle Baker who had the title of “Judge” for these races.  If you recognize any of the other cars in these photographs, please contact Bob Lawrence  - Charlie Hiner collection


Orval Beckel

Charlie Lutkie

Dale Reed

Charlie Hiner

Will Forrest

Pete Jacobs




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