September 6, 1954




Orval Beckel


Buddy Quick


J. D. Cox


Harold Leep


Will Forrest


Bud Webster


Bill Mears


Al Williams


Johnnie Bush


Wylan Cattrell


Max Ritter




Winfield Daily Courier
Friday, September 3, 1954

Races to Be Staged Monday   

            More money in the pot for the winners is expected to draw a big entry list of drivers for the auto races to be held Monday at the fairgrounds under sponsorship of the Winfield Lions club. It will be the last auto racing program here this season, The reputation of Winfield races as the best in the state from the standpoint of purse money to drivers has become widespread.
            Joe Collins, liaison officer between the racing fraternity and the Lions club, reports that several drivers from Oklahoma City and Tulsa who have not raced in Winfield this season, have indicated they will be here for the Labor Day program.
            On the Labor Day program, there will be some added money in the big races and competition is expected to be unusually keen.


30 to 40 Cars

            Between 30 and 40 cars are indicated for the eight racing events on the program which include three heat runs, trophy dash, two semi-finials, the A race for the fast half of the field and the B race for the slower half of the field. First races are scheduled to start at 1:30 p.m.
            Some fast going is anticipated for cars driven by Will Forrest, Frankie Lies, and Johnnie Bush, all of Wichita, who stand at the top of the state ratings this year.
            Forrest, driver for Joe Collins, is reported to be high man on points in the state now. Forrest and Bush tied for second place in the main feature race on the racing program in Winfield on July 4. The race was won by Frankie Lies, Wichita. Forrest won the trophy race.


More Competition

            The three-cornered competition for big money here on Labor Day is expected to bring out some excitement for the racing fans. Orval Beckel, Wichita, among the upper bracket of contenders, also will be heading his duster in the direction of the biggest money.
            Collins said he understood that a "dark horse-power" from Winfield probably would be entered Monday. The car "No. 11" is reportedly sponsored by Charles Kielhorn.

            Al Williams, Wichita, who pulverized his car when it rolled several times end-over-end in a race at Wichita the night of July 4, will be in the starting lineup in Winfield, having gotten his machine in operation again.


Many Thrills

            Fans who attended the races here July 4 got their money's worth of thrills when cars crashed together, spun, skidded, flipped, rolled, and bounded in several races.
            Johnnie Autry, Enid, will be the starter. The announcer will be a member of the Lions club. General admission tickets admit to the grandstand. All spectators are required to take seats in the grandstand for their own protection. Children under 14 are admitted free when accompanied by parents or guardians.


Winfield Daily Courier
Front Page, Tuesday, September 7, 1954

Race Drivers Injured

            Five stock car racing drivers were hospitalized Monday afternoon during the Labor Day racing program at the fairgrounds sponsored by the Lions club. Eight cars were wrecked, some of them said to be damaged beyond repair. None of the injured drivers was reported critically hurt.
            In the worst crash of the day involving five cars, there were four drivers hurt but the driver who suffered the worst injury, according to reports, was Larry Hammond, Wichita, whose car went out of control, left the track, overturned, and struck a tree. He suffered a gash over his eye, cuts, and bruises. He was still in St. Mary's hospital Tuesday but his condition was reported improved.

Seven Cars Pile-up

            The pile-up in which four drivers were hauled to the hospital, involved seven cars. They tangled on the curve south of the grandstand in full view of the several thousand fans, some of which shrieked with apprehension. All but one driver was able to climb out of the wreckage. Bud Webster, Winfield, was pinned in his car and had to be helped out. His arm was injured a little. Other drivers involved were Jim McAmis, Max Ritter, Clyde Ferguson, and Carl Ozenreider. Webster's car was virtually demolished.

to see photographs and a more complete description of this wreck.


            A car driven by Johnnie Bush lost a rear wheel on the same turn in another race. The wheel finally stopped in the Pecan Grove south of Fourteenth Ave.
            The purses were good, thanks to the good support of the racing fans, and the drivers apparently showed their appreciation by turning in good performances in every event.
            One event that was scheduled, was not run. It was the race for the "hospital fund" which has been accumulated during the season at the local track by racing drivers and owners. It is a fund to pay hospital bills for injured drivers. Since there were some hospital bills incurred during the afternoon, the race was not run.
            The Labor Day race was the last of the series this season sponsored on the local track by the Lions club. Total attendance for the Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day races was estimated at 15,000 to 20,000 persons. The Lions plan to sponsor races again next season.


First Heat - Bill Mears
Second Heat - Buddy Quick
Third Heat - Harold Leep
Trophy Dash - Buddy Quick
B Feature - Will Forrest
First Semi-final - Johnnie Bush
Second Semi-final - Will Forrest
A Feature - Orval Beckel



This photo was taken on this afternoon at Winfield.  Car #41 was a 1941 Hudson coupe owned by Lloyd Brunsteter of Alva, Oklahoma and driven by Bud Hutson of Ponca City, Oklahoma. Buddy Bryant of Wichita, Kansas was driving the #48 sedan. Al Williams, also of Wichita, drove the 1933 Hudson sedan #33 and another Wichitan, Wylan Cattrell, was in the light pink 1932 Chevrolet coupe #36 at right owned by Ron and Pete Tousley of Arkansas City, Kansas. The muddy #34 car, starting on the inside, was owned by Harry Prater, also of Wichita - Loretta Cox collection

To see 6 photos and a description of the 7 car pileup at Winfield on this Labor Day.





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