1. ENGINES with be limited to American Stock Passenger Car type and to chassis used or substitutes for that chassis according to maker.  No mounts may be changed for substitute engines. Engines may NOT be set back, lowered, or offset.  Back motor mounts shall remain constant.
     2.  CARBORAETORS and manifolds must be as furnished with car when new.
     3.  FUEL shall be gasoline only. NO pressure tanks. NO doctored fuels.
     4.  IGNITION shall be as specified by manufacturer. Functioning starters, generators and batteries required.
     1. The following must remain the same as specified by the manufacturer, wheelbase, tread, wheels, steering, springs, rims, fuselage, ground clearance, framing, firewall, underpan, axels, clutch, transmissions and differentials (locked spiders, ratchets, straight axels, frozen bearings or other devices to keep the rear wheels from turning in opposite directions, under power, are prohibited). Glass optional.
     2. Required: 4 fenders, at least 1/2 hood, aircraft quality safety belts, goggles, helmet, (safety bolt must be fastened to the frame) functioning brakes and adequate mudguards on any and all wheels to prohibit dirt or mud from being thrown into stands (insurance requirement, therefore cars not complying will have to be removed).
     3. Prohibited: trucks, Jeeps, convertibles, tires with over 3/8” tread, over 17” wheels, more than one carburetor, loose objects such as gasoline tanks and batteries.
      Much could be added to these specifications, but it is not the idea to create hardships, arguments or policing but to create a sport and hobby that will pay and that will last. Your cooperation will make this possible.   It is the intention to keep the cars as near stock as possible to allow everyone an equal chance, not only to win but to also stay in the game.  IF YOU DO NOT QUALIFY, PLEASE DO NOT EMBARRAS YOURSELF OR OTHERS BY TRYING TO GET BY.  For the above reasoning there will be no contesting procedure but if the majority of the drivers and owners or management feel that a car is outlaw or is jeopardizing the show, it will be necessary for that car’s owner to validate his car and / or driver before being allowed to return to competition.  The management reserved the right to bar any car at any time.

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