The History of Automobile Racing on the Historic Half-Mile Dirt Racetrack at the Cowley County Fairgrounds, Winfield, Kansas
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Unger - 1967

Hash - 1967

Andrews - 1967

B. Reed - 1967

VanCuren - 1968

Petty - 1968

Montgomery - 1968

Overton - 1968

Wilt - 1968

Ramey - 1968

Bohannan - 1968

Collins - 1968

Cleous - 1970

Feely - 1970

Lynam - 1970

T. Lutkie - 1970

Henderson - 1971

Shupe - 1971

V. Allen - 1967

Omerod - 1967

Beyer - 1967

Dunkle - 1967

Hotchkin - 1967

Wray - 1968

K. Moore - 1968

Flynn - 1968

Vogt - 1968

Rutherford - 1968

Archer - 1968

Steward - 1968

Green - 1968

Casmaer - 1970

Wills - 1970

Johnson - 1970

S. Lutkie - 1971


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Ralph Lowry, LaDean Luther, Charlie Lutkie, Lee Lynam, Mildred Manring, Glen and Bonnie Martin, Bob Mays, Clarence “Mack” McCord, Mike McCoy, Jim McMillan, Bill Mears, Bryson Mills, Norman and Chris Moody, Elaine Moore, Gary Moore, Pinky and Vera Mullens, Al Murie, Max Naden, Charles Omerod, Charles Pauley, Jack Petty, Jim Phillips, Roy Pulver, Brian Pratt, Don Radbruch, Doran Raine, Jr; Ernest Ramey, Harriet Ramsey, Bob Reed, Dale Reed, Merlin L. "Slim" Reeves, Jim Richardson, Irving L. "Rich" Richardson, Dean and Mary Ring, Kenny Rutherford, Hugh Shea, A. J. Shepherd, Mike Shepherd, Jack Shipman, Maurice B. "Junior" Smith, Lyle Sneary, Elinor Starbuck, Lou and Linda Steward, Darrel Stoner, Bill and Lou Tharp, Jim Thurman, Stanley Topper, Warren Vincent, Gary Virden, Grady Wade, Loren Wade, Jack Walker, Al White, Bob and Terri Wills, Wayne Wilt, Jay Woodside, Ira Woodward, Mary Ann Wortman, Debra Yardley, the Allen County (Kansas) Historical Society, the Cowley County (Kansas) Historical Society, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Winfield Daily Courier, and everyone else who has assisted me with this project but whom I might have neglected to name here.

Do you have a photograph, program, entry list, line-up, results sheet, or other memorabilia from the car races from any time period at Winfield that could be added to this web site?  If so, please contact Bob Lawrence at: sprintguy @  Your comments are welcome as well.




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