Harold Floyd Leep

1933 - 2014



Left to right:  M. B. "Junior" Smith, Red Forshee, and Harold Leep.  Leep drove this Red Forshee owned 1932 Ford coupe #84 at Winfield, Kansas in 1954.  Car #53 at left was owned by Henry Hedgepath and driven by Jerry Collins – Red Forshee collection



     Harold Leep with the 1934 Ford coupe he drove in 1955 for owners Ernie McCoy and Bob Childers.  The car was red with white lettering trimmed in blue.  Occasionally, Leep would drive a second McCoy owned car #4A.  Click your mouse on the photo above to see another photograph of him in that car beside flagman Lyle Baker.

     45 years later, Leep told me that the main thing he remembered about Winfield was that it was a dust bowl.  He also said he thought racing there helped him later when he was racing sprint cars across the Midwest on racetracks that were just as dusty – Gary Virden photo



     This photograph was taken around 1952 and shows the #3 car owned by Glen Martin and driven by Ira Woodward; and the #2 car owned by Rolla Castor and driven by Harold Leep.  Leep raced this car at Winfield, Kansas.  The #3 car was also sponsored by Rolla Castor who was Glen Martin's uncle.  To see a different view of these two cars, click your mouse on the photograph – Ira Woodward collection



Harold and Sybil Leep with a Ford stock car that Harold drove for Rolla Castor about 1951.

Ira Woodward collection


Red Forshee built this car for Harold Leep to drive in 1953 – Red Forshee collection


Harold Leep in the 1932 Ford coupe #84 he drove for Red Forshee, on the front straight-away at Winfield, Kansas in 1954 – Loretta Cox collection


Harold Leep is shown here in Red Forshee's 1932 Ford coupe #84 helping wheel pack the racetrack before a 1954 racing program at the Cowley County Fairgrounds, Winfield, Kansas

Loretta Cox collection




Harold Leep is shown here in a Ford sedan that he drove for co-owners Jack Walker and M. B. "Junior" Smith, both of Wichita, Kansas.  To see another view of this car, click your mouse on the photograph – M. B. Smith collection



Harold Leep is shown here around 1955 leaning on Glen Martin’s #3 Ford at “77” Speedway at Arkansas City, Kansas.  If you know who the #14 car at left belonged to, please contact Bob Lawrence – Gary Virden photo



Left to right:  Gene Bullard, Harold Leep, and Lyle Baker at “77” Speedway south of Arkansas City, Kansas on June 9, 1958.  The car was owned by Ernie McCoy of Arkansas City, Kansas.  Click your mouse on the photo above to see another of Leep with this car taken the same year at the same racetrack but with the trophy being presented by Paul Borror and the flagman being Ray Ash – Gary Virden photos from the Mike McCoy collection



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