ABOVE:  Loading up on the infield at Winfield after the races.  This Ford was owned by Don Burnett of Wichita, Kansas and driven by Lou Steward of Winfield, Kansas on June 23, 1968 Bob Lawrence collection


BELOW:  This was the same car on May 26, 1968 as the cars were coming out onto the racetrack at Winfield, Kansas clockwise to help pack it down before the races
Ron Cyr photo







Lou Steward, left, with Harold Andrews.  Steward was racing this Chevrolet stock car in 1970.
Lou Steward collection



Posed left to right are Lou Steward, Kenny Moore, and Bud Brooks in this photo taken in 1967. The man sitting on top of his white car #35 just to the left of Lou Steard, is Jack Johnson. Pit steward Don Smith can be seen through the rear window of Steward's #10 car - Lou Steward collection


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