Up and Over Joel Collier’s Barrell-Rolling Ford!

This photo was taken on the front straight-away at “81” Speedway north of Wichita, Kansas c1971.  These cars raced in what was called the “Rookie Car” class which was limited to American made cars built from 1949 to 1954 with six-cylinder, straight-eight, or flathead engines and drivers who had not competed longer than two years.  The 1952 Ford #16 driven by Joel Collier is on the bottom while the #26 was driven by a driver who raced under the name “Windy Jim” -Mike Cornelison photo from the Lou Steward collection





Here is how the two cars finally came to rest.  Neither driver was injured.  Collier had a Phillips “66” service station in Winfield, Kansas and kept these top two photos under the glass top of his desk there for several years - Mike Cornelison photo from the Lou Steward collection




This is a close-up photo of Joel Collier's car as it lay on the racetrack after this crash.  The man in the white shirt in the background is Ernest Ramey - Mike Cornelison photo




This photo of Joel Collier’s 1952 Ford was taken in better times – M. B. Smith collection 





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