Kansas Semi-Late Model Stock Car



Semi-late models at the time these cars raced were American made cars with matching engines built between 1949 and 1970


Iran Wheeler’s #98 Oldsmobile rests on top of Tom Lutkie’s #59 Chevrolet after a crash in turn two at “81” Speedway north of Wichita, Kansas in 1965 – Steve Lutkie collection


Tom Lutkie was seriously injured in this crash on the front streightaway at “81” Speedway – Steve Lutkie collection


Larry Lutkie’s #059 Chevrolet on the “hook” after he rolled it in the northeast turn during the races at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson, Kansas on September 26, 1970 – Steve Lutkie collection


Larry Lutkie climbing out of his overturned Chevy #059 after rolling it off the third turn at “81” Speedway – Steve Lutkie collection



#059 Larry Lutkie on his roof after a wreck at “81” Speedway – Steve Lutkie collection



#059 Larry Lutkie at “81” Speedway – Steve Lutkie collection



#02 Pinky Mullens, #2 Harold Armstrong, and #122 Dan Casmaer at “81” Speedway in 1972 – Pinky Mullens collection



Front streightaway at “81” Speedway north of Wichita, Kansas in the early 1970s.  The #16 Ford of Joel Collier is on the bottom but if you can identify the driver of the car on top known only as "Windy Jim", please contact Bob Lawrence – Lou Steward collection



#4 Bob Lawrence and #10 Lou Steward in the fourth turn at Air Capital Speedway west of Wichita, Kansas in 1966 – Bob Lawrence collection



#40 Brad Johnston in the third turn at “81” Speedway in 1977.  #168 Dave White and #44x Rob Glasse can both be seen in the background – photo from an “81” Speedway racing program



#11 Bud Haehn takes out a light pole on the inside of the second turn at “81” Speedway early in the 1976 racing season – photo from an “81” Speedway racing program



#83 Ford driven by Chuck Brooks after it rolled several times at “81” Speedway in 1965.  Note that the engine is laying in the foreground – Wichita Eagle photo



Ken Pearson watches at right as track personel and others set his #4A Chevrolet back on its wheels after Ken flipped it several times down the back straightaway at "81" Speedway north of Wichita, Kansas in 1971.  The man with the #47 on his shirt that is helping right the car is fellow driver Kenny Moore – photo from an “81” Speedway racing program



#85 Ross VanCuren passes by an unidentified car laying on its sid.e at "81" Speedway – Mike Cornelison photo



Jack Johnson rolled this car over on its side at "81" Speedway.  He and Kenneth Bohannan had borrowed this car from Leo Phillips to finish out the season with so they could try to maintain their place in the points while Bohannan built a new race car – Mike Cornelison photo



Mel Bookout barrel-rolled his car at "81" Speedway – Mike Cornelison photo



An unidentified #94, #83 Chuck Brooks, and #25 Al Dingus are among the cars that stacked up between turns three and four at "81" Speedway in 1968 – Mike Cornelison photo



#81 Bill Mills, #38 Scott Talbert, #11 Bud Haehn, and #02 Pinky Mullens at "81" Speedway in either 1968 or 1969 – Mills collection



#050 Melvin Bookout experienced a stuck throttle and overturned several times off the first turn at 81 Speedway in 1971.  Bob Lawrence had a throttle stick at the same point on that racetrack a few weeks earlier but he suffered serious injuries when his car slammed into the embankment visible here below just Bookout’s car.  A week, or so, after Bookouts accident, Bookout told Lawrence that all he could think about, while his car was overturning, was that Lawrence had been injured right here in just such an accident.  Bookout was not injured though – 81 Speedway program



#4S Steve Stagner sits facing oncoming traffic in a Ford he owned himself, after a crash just exiting the fourth turn onto the front straightaway at 81 Speedway late in 1971.  The body of the Ford #72, owned by Pat Sisk and driven by Frank McGehee, has nearly come off the chassis.  #51 Bob Lawrence, driving a Chevy co-owned by Lonnie Cooper and Tom Andrews, can be seen passing by at far left.  The car on the other side of Stagner’s #4S Ford appears to be #4X Joel Hayes – 81 Speedway program



#92 Harry Harington in the first turn during a B feature at 81 Speedway in 1971 – 81 Speedway program



#82 Wayne Sigley crawls out of the passenger side window of his overturned car on the front straightaway at 81 Speedway – 81 Speedway program



#70 R. B. Flynn on the front straightaway at “81” Speedway in 1972.  That is Flynn dressed in white in the center of the photo with the #70 on his uniform – 81 Speedway program



Kenny Moore rolled this Kirt-Kirtley-owned Chevrolet several times into the third turn at 81 Speedway in 1972 – 81 Speedway program



“Speedway News” described this crash as one of the most spectacular ever seen in the history of 81 Speedway.  Kenny Moore flipped the Kirt-Kirtley-owned #47 Chevrolet end-over-end down the front straightaway but on top of the crash wall the entire time, on the fourth lap of the 20-lap A feature race at 81 Speedway on August 27, 1972.  The car was destroyed but the only injuries Moore received were bruises from the battery flopping around inside the car with him as it had come loose from its mounting during the series of flips, thus only tethered by the battery cables – 81 Speedway program



Rick Mueller at “81” Speedway in 1973 – 81 Speedway program



Joel Collier had damage to both ends of his Hemi-powered DeSoto stock car after being involved in this crash at “81” Speedway on June 22, 1973.  Collier owned this car which had been built by Charles Keeler and was usually driven by Lou Steward.  Collier, Steward and Keeler were all from Winfield, Kansas – 81 Speedway program



Jim Johnson flipped his car at "81" Speedway in 1978 – Mike Cornelison photo



#86 Steve Lutkie, #100 Arkie Finley and #1A Bob Overton at "81" Speedway – Mike Cornelison photo













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