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1932 – 1934





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John Tersinor – #V-5 Tersinor Hisso – Early 1930’s

This was the first Hisso owned by John Tersinor of West Frankfort, IL - Tersinor collection


Gordon Condon – #1 Ambler Hisso – Early 1930’s

This Ambler Hisso was unusual in that the tail and cowl were cast in one piece aluminum.  Gordon Condon was killed on July 13, 19 32 at Hollidaysburg, PA while test driving a car he had built for a friend – Jeff Adams collection


#11 Ambler Hisso – Early 1930’s

This is the same Ambler Hisso as the #1 above but with a different paint scheme.  Please contact Bob Lawrence at sprintguy @ cox.net if you can identify the driver in this photo – Don Radbruch collection


Mark Billman – #98 Howe Hisso – 1932

Mark Billman of Indianapolis, IN won a lot of races in Indiana and Ohio in the late 1920s and early 1930s.  He walked with quite a limp as one leg was shorter than the other due to a bad crash at the Black Demon Speedway north of Terre Haute, IN in 1929.  He lost his life while competing in the 1933 Indianapolis “500” – Larry Sullivan photo


Mauri Rose – #100 Howe Hisso – 1932

Mauri Rose drove Bill Howe’s #100 Hisso a year before making his first ever start in the Indy “500” – Larry Sullivan photo


Dick "Frosty" Frost – #97 Adams Hisso – 1932

The Adams Hisso was another early design.  William Adams was the owner and Dick Frost was the driver when this photo was taken in 1932.  The car was later driven by Tommy Thompson of St. Louis, MO – Larry Sullivan photo


Tom Murie – #43 Superior Special – 1932

After Lou Scheibell’s death, his #150 Scheibell Special was sold to Wendell Sparling who repainted it the #1434 Superior Special.  It is shown here with even later owner and driver, Tom Murie after the number had been changed to #43.  Note the open hood exposing the four unused cylinders in the stock Hispano-Suiza block – Al Murie collection


Bill Hart – #80 Apple Valley Machine Special – 1932

Bill Hart in the Apple Valley Machine Special that was owned by Paul Fromm.  The photo was taken at Ascot Speedway in California – Wilson photo


Zeke Meyers – #54 Ambler Special – 1932

Zeek Meyers of Germantown, PA is shown here in the #54 Ambler Special.  Meyers was involved in a near fatal crash in this car at the Cressona Fairgrounds in Schuylkill Haven, PA on June 5, 1932 – Jeff Adams collection


Bert Karnatz – #22 Murray Tire Special – 1933

Bert Karnzta of Michigan is shown here in the Murray Tire Special Hisso during a race at Brockton, MA – Jeff Adams collection


Rex Mays – #21 Fromm Hisso – 1933

A west coast car, the Fromm Hisso with the great Rex Mays behind the wheel – Ted Wilson photo


Rex Mays – #52 Fromm Hisso – 1933

A west coast car, the Fromm Hisso with Rex Mays seated behind the wheel – History of Auto Racing 1894-1944 as posted on the H.A.M.B. message board


Tom Scheck – #1 Davis Hisso – Early 1930’s

Tom Scheck a.k.a. Shorty Burns is shown here in an early Davis Hisso.  Scheck continued to drive the car after it became the #35 Snell Hisso - Davis collection


#4 Hisso – Probably Early 1930’s

This Hisso was from the Pacific Northwest.  The man seated in the driver’s seat is Paul Stucki who is believed to have been a mechanic on the car rather than the driver.  If you know anything more about this car or who did drive it, please contact Bob Lawrence at: sprintguy @ cox.net – Ron Peters collection


Vic Felt – #35 Norberg Machine Shop Special – 1934

Vic Felt is shown here in his own #35 Norberg Machine Shop Special – Larry Sullivan photo



Al Reinke – #19 Hisso – 1934

This photo may have been taken at San Jose, CA .  Reinke was fatally injured in a racing accident at another Southern California racetrack that same year.  If you know who owned this car, please contact Bob Lawrence at: sprintguy @ cox.net – Herk Edwards collection


Bert Karnatz – #2 Terry Hisso – 1934

This photo of Bert Karnatz in the #2 Terry Hisso was taken at Detroit, MI on July 15, 1934.  Karnatz lost his life in this car on that day.  The car later became the #2 Moore Hisso – Al “Ace” Blixt photo


Tee Linn – #28 Eveready 76 Gasoline Special – 1934

William Lynn, Jr. a.k.a. “Tee Linn” in the former Yagle Miller in which Frank Farmer perished on August 28, 1932 at Woodbridge, NJ after tangling with a car driven by Bill NeopolitanNeopolitan also died in that accident – Carl Sweigert photo from the Larry Sullivan collection


Rex Mays – #2 Fromm Hisso – 1934

Rex Mays drove Paul Fromm’s Hisso in 1934.  Mays had earned the right the use the #2 by finishing second in the AAA Pacific Coast point championship the preceding year – Charles Pauley photo


Ted Hartley – #1 “Pappy” Hough Hisso – 1934

The “Pappy” Hough Hisso with driver Ted Hartley.  Roscoe “Pappy” Hough later sold this car to William “Al” Hamman of Ft. Wayne, IN and it became known as the #1887 Berghoff Beer Hisso – Larry Sullivan photo


Mel McKee – #59 Mikkelsen Hisso – 1934

Car owner Carl Mikkelsen is pictured here seated in the car with driver Mel McKee standing behind it.   Mikkelsen had purchased the Hisso engine in this car for $25 as government surplus.  It was equipped with a Model-A Ford clutch but no transmission.  The photo was taken at Silvergate Speedway, San Diego, CA – Frank Mikkelsen collection


Don Church – #9 Ambler Hisso – 1934

Don Church apparently survived this crash in the #9 Ambler Hisso at Lewistown, PA in August of 1934 – Carl Mosser photo from the Jeff Adams collection


Ken Fowler – #5 Ambler Hisso – Mid–1930s

Ken Fowler in the #5 Ambler Hisso at Langhorne, PA – Harold Robinson photo from the Sapp collection


Frank Brisko – #36 Brisko Hisso – Mid–1930s

Frank Brisko in his own Hisso – Larry Sullivan photo





This photo was taken c1932.  Car #V5 is the Tersinor Hisso, car #300 is the Kinsey Fronty, car #15 is the Bill McCoy Fronty, and car #100 is the Howe Hisso.  If you can identify car #32 or know where this photo was taken, please contact Bob Lawrence at: sprintguy @ cox.net – Brown collection





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