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1938 – 1939


Bob Garringer in the #404 Merkler Special Hisso and Everett Rice going over the bank at Greenville, Ohio on September 24, 1939 after locking wheels with each other on the racetrack.  Garringer barely survived critical injuries including a broken neck and a severe concussion.  The car in the foreground appears to be the #22 Bowles Hisso driven by Clay Corbitt – Hemberger photo from the Jeff Adams collection 




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Red Redman – #66 Ambler Hisso – Late 1930s

Red Redman is shown here in the #66 Ambler Hisso at Langhorn, PA – Jeff Adams collection


Shorty Burns – #35 Snell Hisso – 1938

Hisso Specialist Tom Scheck a.k.a. Shorty Burns from St. Louis is shown here in the Snell Hisso.  Burns had driven the car years earlier when it was the #1 Davis Hisso – Larry Sullivan photo


Everett Rice – #404 Merkler Special Hisso – 1938

Everett Rice is shown here in the Merkler Special.  This is the same car in which Bob Garringer can be seen flying off the racetrack in the photo at the top of this web page – Jeff Adams collection


Roy Lake - #50 Felt Hisso – 1938

Vic Felt at left and Roy Lake at right are shown here at St. Paul, MN in 1938 – Jeff Adams collection


Buzz Mendenhall – #8 Moore Hisso – 1938

Leonard" Buzz" Mendenhall was fatally injured when he crashed this car at Hammond, IN later in the year - Larry Sullivan collection


Clarence Delagrange – #404 Merkler Special Hisso – 1938

Clarence Delagrange is shown here in the Merkler Special.  Clarence did not drive the car in races but served as a test driver instead – Jeff Adams collection


Rex Records – #73 Della Torre Thunderbird Hisso – Late 1930s

Rex Records in the Della Torre Thunderbird Hisso.  This car later became the #12 DeMatthews Hisso – Ralph DeMatthews collection


Ben Musick – #99 St. Cricq Hisso – Late 1930s

Marcel “Pop” St. Cricq, Sr. is standing at right with Ben Musick and the St. Cricq Hisso at Dallas, Texas.  Brothers Leland and Ben Musick both drove the car with Marcel Cricq, Jr. also driving it once – Bill Gausnell collection


Joe Lace – #44 Jeter Hisso – Late 1930s

This photo of the Jeter Hisso was taken in Bloomington, IL.  If you know anything more about Joe Lace, please contact Bob Lawrence – Ed Hitze collection


Phil Mocca – #4 Brown Brothers’ Machine Shop Special Hisso – 1938

Phil Mocca in the Brown Brothers’ Machine Shop Special Hisso.  Mocca drove his very first big car race for the Brown Brothers and finished second in the feature even with a bent front axle - Brown collection


Everett Rice – #4 Helm Hisso – 1939

Everett Rice is shown seated in the #4 Helm Hisso – Bruce Craig photo


Len Duncan – #73 Della Torre Thunderbird Hisso – 1939

Len Duncan was driver of the Della Torre Thunderbird Hisso when it raced in the eastern United States in 1939.  This car later became the #12 DeMatthews Hisso – Ralph DeMatthews collection


Clay Corbitt – #12 Wolf Hisso – 1939

Clay Corbitt of Columbus, OH is shown here in the Wolf Hisso in which he enjoyed a lot of success in and around Ohio. The car was owned by "Shorty" Wolf– Bruce Craig photo


Buddy Rusch – #4 Schutt – Munton Hisso – 1939

Buddy Rusch is shown here in the Schutt – Munton Hisso.  Al Schutt and Ed Munton purchased this ex-Everett Saylor, Pop Dreyer chassis from Dreyer and had him install a Hisso engine in it.  The car later sold to Ralph “Speedy” Helm and became the Helm Hisso – Bill Wiswedel collection


Pete Alberts – #4 Helm Hisso – 1939

Pete Alberts (a.k.a. Pietro Alberti) of St. Louis, MO is shown here in the Helm Hisso in 1939.  He would lose his life in the Tersinor Hisso later that same year on a dusty county fairgrounds racetrack at Mt. Vernon, IL.  The engine in this car was later used in the Aicher & Benham Hisso dragster – Larry Sullivan photo


#11 Vern Failer Hisso – 1939

The Vern Failer Hisso after a crash at Ft. Wayne, IN in 1939 – Ed Hitze collection


Johnnie DeCamp – #404 Merkler Special – 1939

Johnnie DeCamp is shown here in the ultra fast Merkler Special out of Ft. Wayne, IN.  This car was later sold to Tommy Kristin and then to Bayliss Levrett thus becoming the Levrett Hisso – Bruce Craig photo


Ralph Foster – #33 Foster Hisso – 1939

Ralph Foster is shown here (second from right) standing beside his Hisso at Hutchinson, KS.  Foster purchased this car in Kentucky and had the engine rebuilt by Oliver Jennings of Raytown, MO.  Foster sold the car in 1941 but he can not remember to whom – Paul Dye photo from the Dennis Dye collection


Frank Weirer – #35 Delagrange Hisso – Late 1930s

This Hisso was number 35 when Clarence Delagrange purchased it from Bill Howe who had originally numbered it 5 when he built it in 1929 to run at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Delagrange rebuilt it to run the short tracks.  This is not the same Howe Hisso that was numbered 100 and raced in the late 1920's and early 1930's.  Delegarnge only ran this car as #35 for a short period and then renumbered it 100 – Jeff Adams collection 


Bob Sledge – Late 1930s

This Hisso has been listed as being #10 although that car number can not be seen in this photo.  There is a #5 visible on the tail of the car along with another partially visible digit in front of that indicating that the car may have been a #15, a #35, or a #75 at one time or that the tail from another car had been put on this car – Larry Sullivan photo from the Bill Green collection


Elbert Booker – #404 Merkler Special Hisso – 1939

Elbert “Pappy” Booker is shown here in the #404 Merkler Special – Frank Smith photo






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