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Jimmy Daywalt – #4042 Merkler Special – 1948

Jimmy Daywalt of Wabash, IN is shown here in the Merkler Special in which he won a CSRA feature race at Greenville, OH in 1948 – Jeff Adams collection


Jackie Jiarrusso – #69 Davis Hisso – 1948

Jackie Jiarrusso at Heidelberg Raceway near Pittsburgh, PA driving a Hisso owned by Ed Davis of Benton, IL.  The engine in this car was the Rogers & Tersinor Hisso - Jeff Adams collection


Tony Cancilla – #101 Hisso Roadster – Late 1940s

This photo of Tony Cancilla’s V-8 Hisso roadster was taken at San Jose, CA.  If you know anything more about this car, please contact Bob Lawrence – Al Slinker collection


#45 Hisso Special – Late 1940s

This Hisso Special may have raced on the West Coast.  If you know anything more about this car or the men pictured here with it, please contact Bob Lawrence – Bud Sheldon collection


Glenn “Pee Wee” Northern – #4042 Merkler Special – 1949

Pee Wee Northern at Bloomington, IL on April 10, 1949 in his first ever ride in the Merkler Special – Larry Sullivan photo


Billy McGee – #505 Merkler Machine Shop Hisso – 1949

Billy McGee is shown here in the #505 Merkler Machine Shop Hisso – Jeff Adams collection


George Tichenor – #3  Helm Hisso – 1949

George Tichenor of Logansport, IN is shown here in the #3 Helm Hisso in 1949 - Roby Helm collection


Jack Flaherty – #404 Glidewell Hisso – 1949

Jack Flaherty crashed the Floyd Glidewell owned former Levrett #404 Hisso in a 100-mile race at the Portland Meadows at Portland, OR on September 18, 1949 – Pacific Northwest Racers collection


Cliff Griffith – #3 Helm Hisso – 1949

Cliff Griffith is shown here in the Helm Hisso.  The Merkler Special Hisso is also visible at right in this photo – Larry Sullivan photo


Bill Potter – #404 Glidewell Hisso – 1949

Bill Potter drove the Floyd Glidewell owned former Levrett #404 Hisso at Portland Speedway, Portland, OR on June 19, 1949 – Pacific Northwest Racers collection


Glen “Pee Wee” Northern – #505 Merkler Machine Shop Hisso – 1949

“Pee Wee” Northern is shown here at Powell, OH driving the #505 Merkler Machine Shop Hsso that was owned by Frank Merkler.  The #39 in the background is the Myles Riley driven by Red Bales – Brownie photo from the Tom Saal collection


Wally Mandleco – #4042 Merkler Machine Special – 1950

The Merkler Machine Special Hisso after driver Wally Mandleco tangled with Jimmy Wilburn at Cedarburg, WI and crashed on June 11, 1950.  Mandleco suffered a broken kneecap in the incident while Wilburn went on to finish second in the feature - Jeff Adams collection


Gene Alldredge – #3 Helm Hisso – 1950

Gene Alldredge with the #3 Helm Hisso – Jeff Adams collection


Gene Allen – #47 Horne Hisso – 1951

Glen Allen is shown here in the Horne Hisso which had previously been the #505 Merkler Machine Shop Special.  Frank Merkler still owned the car but it was named for crew chief Harry Horne.  Merkler had joined AAA and purchased an Indy car so he could not be associated with such an “outlaw” organization as CSRA where Horne raced the car.  The car number was changed to #47 as that was the number that AAA assigned to Merkler for his Indy car effort in 1951 – Larry Sullivan photo


Bill Homeier – #15 Davis Hisso – c1951

Bill Homeier can be seen with a towel on his head in this photo of the #15 Davis Hisso taken at a CSRA santioned race at the Wabash County Fairgrounds at Mt. Carmel, IL – Jeff Adams collection


Johnny Joy – #O-X  J & J  Special a.k.a. the "Hiss-O" – Early 1950s

Johnny Joy is shown here in the J & J Special a.k.a. the "Hiss-O" which was a 1932 Ford five-window coupe jalopy built by Johnny Joy and Raymond Jett at Jett's service station in Jacksonville, IL.  Bud Kientzle and Herb Shannon are also known to have driven this car with Shannon setting a 75-lap track record at Peoria Speedway, Peoria, IL in 1955 that was never broken.  The 719 cu. in. V-8 Hispano-Suiza engine used 16 sparkplugs and is reported to have required more than 50 feet of sparkplug wire – Weldon C. Lewis collection


Bill Mumford – #33 Mumford “Heart Braker” – 1953

Bill Mumford from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota is shown here in his Mumford “Heart Braker” Hisso – Larry Sullivan photo


Freddie Nelson – #33 Mumford “Heart Braker” – 1953

Freddie Nelson is shown here in Bill Mumford’s “Heart Braker” Hisso – Jeff Adams collection


Tex Shackelford – #58 VanNess Hisso – 1953

Tex Shackelford is shown here in the VanNess Hisso which was a former Helm Hisso – Jeff Adams collection


Wade Crew – #85 VanNess Hisso – 1954

Wade Crew is shown here in the VanNess Hisso which was a former Helm Hisso – Jeff Adams collection


#4  Aicher & Benham Hisso Special – Late 1950s

Current car owner Rob Shanahan is restoring this dragster built by Paul Aicher and Ron Benham of El Monte, CA – Car Craft magazine photo





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