New Model Stock Car Races

On the Historic Half-mile Racetrack at the

Kansas State Fairgrounds

 Hutchinson, Kansas

Sunday – August 28, 1949


Promoter – Verne Hamilton of Hutchinson, Kansas


Attendance – “800 to 1,000”


The Purse

            This was the fourth weekend of a series of four qualifying weekends of racing leading up to the finals to be run on Labor Day weekend.  40% of ticket sales went into the total purse.  $500 from that 40% was paid out in prize money for the race run on this day.  What was left after the $500 was paid was added to the prize money to be paid out for the race run on Labor Day weekend.




50 Mile Race – 13 Cars - 100 Laps






Bob Thorne

Dallas, Texas

1 hour 6 minutes


Reuben Loepp

Hutchinson, Kansas



E. Hayworth

Hutchinson, Kansas



Slick Barnes

Hutchinson, Kansas



Harold Chopin




Lawrence Schwortz



            A local finance company sent a representative to the races to see if any of the cars they held notes on were entered.  The 1939 Ford that Loepp had entered was the car he had been driving on the street and the representative told Loepp that he must pay off the just over $300 he owed on his car or he would not be able to race it.  A friend (George Webster) wrote a check for the balance that was due so that Loepp could compete in the race.

            Cars driven by Chopin and Schwortz tangled coming out of the south turn.  Schwortz’s car overturned and was destroyed and the front end of Chopin’s car was smashed.  Two other cars lost wheels and only 9 cars finished the race.




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