Modified Late Model Stock Car Races

On the Historic Half-mile Racetrack at the

Kansas State Fairgrounds

 Hutchinson, Kansas

Sunday August 5, 1956


Air temperature 107

Track condition dusty

Attendance 1,000




Feature Race 23 Cars





Junior Clothier

Great Bend, Kansas


Red Stock

Hutchinson, Kansas


Jim Ware

Hutchison, Kansas


John Riead

Hutchinson, Kansas


Gayford Dye

Hutchinson, Kansas

Clothier actually crossed the finish line in second place behind Stock but Stock, Ware, Reed, and Dye were penalized one lap for passing under the yellow flag giving the victory to Clothier.  Only 15 cars were still running at the end of the race.





Gayford Dye

Lehman collection

John Riead

John Riead collection





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