Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\Smokers.jpg

Glenn's dashboard sticker from the Smokers car club


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\JimMcAmis_GlennStults.jpg

Glenn seated on a tire of his first rail.  That is

driver Jim McAmis behind the wheel at

81 Speedway in 1960.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\37-McAmis-on-tire.jpg

Jim McAmis seated on a tire of Glenn's white rail

at 81 Speedway in 1962.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\37-red-1.jpg

Glenn built this 283 cu.-in. Chevy powered rail #37

in 1964 and then sold it to Lee Kerstine for driver

Wylan Cattrell.  Click on the photo to see another

photo of this car taken from the front.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\25RayRiner.jpg

Ray Riner with Glenn's stock car #25 at Air Capital Speedway west of Wichita in 1966.  Click on the photo to see another photo of this car in color.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\57-Pat-Woodard.jpg

Pat Woodard of Maize, KS with the car that he

purchased from Glenn.  Click on thephoto to

see a photo of this car in Jim Cole's garage in

Maize while Glenn still owned the car


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\11_Glenn_first_junior.jpg

Glenn with his first junior modified that he built

in 1970.


Glennís first junior modified.

Mike Pogue collection


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-Oren-Haas.jpg

Glenn's new junior modified was driven by Oren Haas

in 1973.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111_Oren_Haas_71_Don_McElhiney,_Jim_Mcamis_1973.jpg

 Lined up and waiting for the start of the first junior

modified heat race at Hutchinson, KS on

July 29, 1973.   #96 was owned by LeVern

Swenson and driven by Jack Petty.  Glenn's #111

was driven by Oren Haas who can be seen

sitting on the left nerf bar facing Don McElhinny

who is sitting on the right side nerf bar of the

#71 car that he drove that afternoon.  That is

believed to be Jim McAmis sitting on the left

front tire of the #111.


 Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-OrenHaas.jpg

Oren Haas in Glenn's #111 in 1973.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\Oren_Haas_1974.jpg

Oren Haas in Glenn's junior modified at 81 Speedway

in 1974.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\TomAdsmann.jpg

Five Aces Racing Team

L to R: Ron Cuda, George Riley, Terry Kerstine,

Oren Haas, unidentified trophy girl, Glenn, Al Hall,

and Tom Adasmann in 1973


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\GlennStults.jpg

Glenn taking a break at the Hutchinson Nationals.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-semi-late-on-the-pole.jpg

Steve Stults on the pole at 81 Speedway in the Stults

Sportsman in the early 1980s.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\Stults-conference.jpg

Glenn, at left, and Dennis Roths in the red hat, talking to Steve Stults during a break in the action at 81 Speedway.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\1-mini-sprint-4.jpg

Steve Stults at the state fairgrounds in Hutchinson

in the early 1980s in the Ford sprint 4 that he drove

for car owner Ted Reed.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\1-mini-sprint-8.jpg

Steve Stults at 81 Speedway in the early 1980s in

the Ford sprint 4 that he drove for owner Ted Reed.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\33-in-1999.jpg

A Darrell-Beckham-built, Scott-Holle-owned and driven super stock car with one of Glenn's engines.. 


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-Late-Model.jpg

Steve Stults in the Stults #111 late model stock car

at 81 Speedway in 1986..


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-Late-model-at-81.jpg

Steve Stults in the Stults #111 late model stock car.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\TableRock_1988.jpg

Glenn on his boat at Table Rock Lake in

Missouri in 1988.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\Playing-with-ATVs-1988.jpg

The Stults family on an ATV outing in 1988


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-first-modified.jpg

John-Herrman-owned, Steve-Stults-driven modified in 1999.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\25_Darrell_Beckham_Jr.jpg

Glenn built the engine for this car that his son-in-law,

Darrell Beckham, Jr. drove in the Street Stock class

At 81 Speedway in the mid-1990s.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\151.jpg

Bob-Werner-owned and driven street stock car..


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-Stults_2W-Wilson.jpg

111 Steve Stults, 2w Richard Wilson at Hutchinson Raceway Park in 1992.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\Steve-with-Dennis-Kincade.jpg

Glenn looks on as Steve Stults is interviewed by

Dennis Kincaid at 81 Speedway.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-Steve-Stults.jpg

Steve Stults with his modified that he drove at 81 Speedway in 1999.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-Stults-1999-Hutch-Nationals.jpg

Steve Stults in his modified at the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson in 1999


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-yellow-modified.jpg

The Stults' modified in Beckham's garage in 1995.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\44c_shop.jpg

Ron-Cuda-owned and Steve-Stults-driven modified

in Beckham's garage in 1996.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\44r-16-at-Hutch.jpg

#16 and #44R Steve Stults in a modified owned by

Ron Cuda in the early 2000s.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\44r_at_81.jpg

#44R Steve Stults inside of #15 Greg Stephens and an unidentified modifieds at 81 Speedway.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\44r-modified_in-2001.jpg

Steve Stults in a Ron-Cuda-owned modified at

81 Speedway in the early 2000s


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\44r-Stults.jpg

Steve Stults in a Ron-Cuda-owned modified

leading #10 Marc Hurd at 81 Speedway



Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\Glenn-on-new-bike.jpg

Glenn on his brand new Schwinn bicycle all

decked out for crusin' in the mid-1940s.  Note

that it even had foxtails which were considered

to be very stylish decorations in that era


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\1955_Chevy.jpg

If You Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em

Glenn had given up trying to defeat the small

block Chevys with his Oldsmobile and was

drag racing this '55 Chevy by 1957.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\TedHall-&-GlennStults.jpg

Ted Reed at left with Glenn and his first rail in 1960.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\37-McAmis_30Jul61.jpg

This photo of Glenn's #37 rail was taken at the

Hutchinson Nationals on July 30, 1961.

Jim McAmis drove it that day - Schrater family collection


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\Jim-McAmis_37.jpg

Jim McAmis with Glenn's rail in 1961.  Click on the photo to see another of McAmis with this car at

the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\87_37_11.jpg

1962 Hutchinson Nationals

#87 Francis Kingan, #37 Jim McAmis in a rail

owned by Glenn, and #11 Bill Halley

Hutchinson News photo


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\SteveStults-as-a-kid.jpg

Steve Stults became interested in racing at an early age.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\11-RayEubanks.jpg

Ray Eubanks driving Glenn's first junior modified at 81 Speedway in 1970 - 81 Speedway photo


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\11-Ray-Eubanks.jpg

Glenn's older #11 junior modified in 1973 when

it was being driven by Ron Cuda.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111_oren_haas_and_glenn_stults_1_belonged_to_keith_werts.jpg

Oren Haas, left, and Glenn stand by the #111 junior modified on the front straightaway at Hutchinson, KS before the Hutchinson Nationals on July 29, 1973.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\Cuda,Glenn,Haas,Kerstine,Hall,Riley.jpg

Five Aces Racing Team

Trophy Dash Presentation in 1973

L to R: Ron Cuda, Glenn, Oren Haas, unidentified

trophy girl, Terry Kerstine, Al Hall, and

George Riley.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\77_Jim_Johnson.jpg

Glenn built this junior modified #77 for

owner / driver Jim Johnson.  The photo was

taken on the front straightaway at 81 Speedway.

Johnson collection


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\Nance_card.jpg

Glenn's business card in the mid-1970s.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-Steve-Stults-street-stock.jpg

Steve Stults' first street stock car in 1976.  It was

powered by a 361 cu.-in. Dodge engine.  The

car was named the most photogenic car at

81 Speedway several years in a row.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-Steve-Stults-81.jpg

Steve Stults in a 1969 Camaro semi-late model stock car on the back straightaway at 81 Speedway in 1979


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-on-pole.jpg

Steve Stults on the pole at 81 Speedway in the Stults sportsman in 1981.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-sportsman1.jpg

Steve Stults in his sportsman at 81 Speedway with

a fiberglass body that was built by Valley Fiberglass that Steve Stults owned in 1981.  Steve built several of these bodies for the racers at 81 Speedway.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\SteveStults_buckeling.jpg

Steve Stults in his car at 81 Speedway.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\125-Dennis-Roths.jpg

Glenn built the engine in this super stock car that

was owned and driven by Dennis Roths.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\1_Steve_Stults_7_Mike_Edwards.jpg

Steve Stults in the Ted-Reed-owned Ford #1 leading

Mike Edwards of Kansas City, KS in his own #7

mini-modified during the first heat race at the

Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson on

September 9, 1984.  Edwards was the father of

NASCAR star Carl Edwards.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\331ci_SteveStults_Hutch.jpg

Steve Stults in the Stults late model stock car at

the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-Steve-Bush.jpg

Crewman Steve Bush at left talking to Steve Stults

beside the Stults late model stock car at

81 Speedway in 1986.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111Stults-2Wilson-43Lutkie.jpg

#111 Steve Stults in the Stults late model stock car,

#2w Richard Wilson and #43 Mike Lutkie at

81 Speedway in 1986.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\2_Brenda_Stults_Beckham.jpg

Glenn's daughter, Brenda Stults Beckham, drove

this car in the Valvoline Series at 81 Speedway

winning the season points title in 1996 and 1997.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\Beckham_Feb-98.jpg

Glenn built the engine for this Street Stock car that

was on displayed here Towne West Square

hopping center on February 27, 1998.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-black-modified-1.jpg

A Steve-Stults-driven modified owned by Darrell

Beckham, Jr. in the early 1990s.  L to R:

Dennis Roths, Steve Bush, and Glenn.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-in-Stults-garage.jpg

A typical day in the Beckham garage.  L to R:

Steve Stults, Glenn, Dennis Roths, Steve Bush,

Scott Holle, and Darrell Beckham, Jr..


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-Steve-Stults-1999_Nationals.jpg

Steve Stults in his John-Herrman-owned modified at the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-Stults-2000.jpg

Steve Stults in his John-Herman-owned modified at 81 Speedway in 2000.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\JohnHerman,Steve,Glenn.jpg

L. to R.: Car owner (and Steve Stults' father-in-law)

John Herrman, Steve Stults, and Glenn at

81 Speedway in 2000.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\44r_Stults_44_Dan_Powers.jpg

#44 Brian Powers outside #44R Steve Stults in a

modified owned by Ron Cuda in 2001 at

81 Speedway.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\44r_modified_2001.jpg

Steve Stults in a Ron-Cuda-owned modified at the

Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\44r-and-6at-81.jpg

#44R Steve Stults in a Ron-Cuda-owned modified and

an unidentified #6 at 81 Speedway in the early 2000s..


.Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\Steve,Glenn,Ron-after2003title81.jpg

This photo was taken in October, 2003 after the

team had won the modified season points title.  Left

to right are: Steve Stults, Glenn, and Ron Cuda.

Wichita Eagle photo


Car Owner, Crew Chief and Engine Builder

Glenn Alfred Stults

1935 - 2013


Glenn Stults was born in Wichita, Kansas on December 8, 1935 and was named after his father, Alfred Stults, who was a farmer.  When he was four, his family moved to Illinois where he attended a classic one-room country school.  The family soon returned to Wichita, Kansas so that his parents could go to work for the Coleman Company.  Glenn attended North High School in Wichita and worked his way up to assistant manager at a local Dairy Queen.  Next, Glenn worked at the Plastic Fabricating Company, Kreonite Inc., and retired from Boeing in 1999.


Glenn joined the "Smokers", which was one of about three car clubs in Wichita at the time, and began competing in the stock class in drag races held on air strips at Great Bend, Kansas and at Edna, Kansas sometime around 1954.  He occasionally won a trophy for his efforts.  His car was a 1953 Oldsmobile with a manual transmission, milled heads, and an Iskenderian camshaft.  When the small-block Chevrolet V-8 came out in 1955, Glenn soon saw that his car would not outrun it and it appeared Chevy engines would be the wave of the future in racing.  By 1957, he was drag racing a 1955 Chevrolet himself.


Bob Billups, Sr. retrieved a 1936 Nash coupe jalopy stock car from where it had been parked north of the racetrack fence at the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson.  The car had belonged to Billups' brother-in-law and Glenn helped Billups get it back into racing condition.  When that was done, Glenn was surprised at how well it ran.  When it came time to race it though, Glenn sat in the grandstands and watched driver John Elam of Hutchinson drive it.  Glenn considered himself a drag racer and did not want anyone to associate him with dirt track oval racing.  He continued competing in drag races up until about 1958.


Next, Glenn assisted Bob Billups, Sr. in building a jalopy with a 1931 Buick chassis and a 1941 Buick engine.  They set a 1927 Model T body on it and raced it at 81 Speedway in Wichita and at Mohawk Speedway in Hutchinson in 1959.  The car was fast on the straightaways but was so heavy it would not corner.  Therefore, it only did well on the big half-mile racetrack at the Kansas State Fairgrounds.


Sometime around 1960, Glenn, along with Pius Selenke and Bob Billups, Sr., rented a garage at the corner of 13th Street and Ridge Road in Wichita and all three set about building dirt track racing cars there.  Glenn's first dirt track car was a "rail" with a V-8 Ford flathead engine but, while he was still building it, he saw that Bill Nelson was trouncing the competition at the local dirt track driving a car with a six-cylinder Chevrolet engine in it so he built a similar engine to go in his car.  Glenn painted the car gray with the number 96 and got Jim McAmis to drive it for him.  The car competed for about a year before McAmis was involved in a spectacular crash in it in the number one turn at 81 Speedway, destroying it.  Glenn felt that the number 96 had contributed to the car's demise as it read as the same number whether it was right-side-up or up-side-down.


Glenn then built his second car which was also a six-cylinder Chevrolet powered rail.  When it was completed, he took it for a spin down South Seneca Street in Wichita but found himself forced over to the curb by the driver of another car on the street.  The driver turned out to be Roy Bryant who was upset that Glenn had chosen to paint the car number of the late K. O. Christian on his rail.  Christian had recently been fatally injured in a crash at 81 Speedway.  Glenn pointed out that his car number was 37 although he guessed the style might resemble Christian's number 32 somewhat.  Bryant took a long look at the number on the rail and then left having no more to say on the subject.


Glenn's rail number 37 was a much better car than his original effort had been.  He had good success with it and driver Jim McAmis in the early 1960s at racetracks in Wichita and Hutchinson in Kansas as well as at Woodward, Oklahoma.  One evening, they arrived at 81 Speedway in the late afternoon only to learn that the races had rained out.  McAmis suggested that they take the car to a 100-lap race scheduled for that night at Riverside Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.  Glenn's "Sure.  Why not?" reply led to a high-speed trip as they raced up the Kansas Turnpike towing Glenn's rail to the quarter-mile racetrack built on a floodplain just north of the Missouri River.  McAmis collected $134 for his fifth place finish in the 100-lap race behind four Hudson powered machines.  Glenn recalls that the race was won by Virgil Chapman from Kansas City, Missouri.  Glenn traded that rail to Terry Kerstine in 1962.  Kerstine drove the car himself as #92 at 81 Speedway and at the Hutchinson Nationals in 1963.


Glenn built another car for the 1964 season installing a 283-cubic-inch Chevrolet engine with three carburetors.  He did not race it himself though and, instead, sold it to Lee Kerstine to be driven by Wylan Cattrell.  Glenn took the rest of the 1964 season off from racing.


In 1965, Bud Looney told Glenn about a 1931 Chevrolet coupe stock car that Pinky Mullens wanted to sell.  Glenn bought it from Mullens, installed a small block Chevrolet V-8 engine in it, and painted the car red with the number 25.  Ray Riner, Wylan Cattrell and then Bill Bookout drove it.  Bookout turned in the 28th quickest time out of the 100 cars that took time trials at the Hutchinson Nationals that year.  Their time was 28.29 seconds for one lap.  Bookout finished 18th of the 24 cars that started the 10-lap third heat race at Hutchinson that year.  He then went on to come in 10th of the 39 cars that started the 50-lap Championship event.


Glenn and Bill Bookout also raced that car at the Enid Winter Nationals that year.  Glenn sold both it and the trailer he hauled it on, for $500 in 1966.


In 1967, Bud Looney suggested that Glenn take a look at a modified coupe #57 that was sitting in a salvage yard in the south part of Wichita.  The car had been raced by Mel Montgomery.  Glenn wound up paying $500 for the car without an engine in it.  Sometime later, while Glenn was out of town on a business trip, friend Pat Woodard installed an engine in the car with plans to race it at 81 Speedway.  When Glenn learned of the plan, he sent word to Woodard that, if he wrecked it, he owned it.  Woodard did not wreck the car and eventually wound up buying the car from Glenn anyway for the $500 that Glenn had in it.


From 1967 through 1969, Glenn tried motorcycle competition, racing Hondas in flattrack and "Hare and Hound" events around Kansas.  He did all right racing motorcycles, saying that, "when the winner got a turkey, I got a ham."


81 Speedway started up a class for six-cylinder powered modifieds in 1970 so Glenn built one from a Nance kit and painted it black.  He got Ray Eubanks to drive it so they added the #11 since that was the number that Eubanks had used on his hobby stock car the previous year.  They finished eighth in the 30-lap Semi-National race at Hutchinson that July and were third in the season points at season's end at 81 Speedway.  On at least one occasion, Glenn decided to race the car at the Garfield County Fairgrounds in Enid, Oklahoma on a Saturday night and, since Eubanks lived several miles the other direction in Burlington, Kansas, Glenn got Wylan Cattrell to drive the car at Enid.


Eubanks began the 1971 racing season in the car but things did not go as well as they had the year before and Glenn finished out the season with Oren Haas behind the wheel.  Haas finished fourth in the feature race the very first night he drove the car so he became the regular driver for Glenn.  Glenn and Oren raced the car during the 1972 season and then entered it in the Winter Nationals at Enid, Oklahoma that fall.  Four junior modifieds with the number 11 on them were entered that day so a third digit was added to Glenn's car making it #111.  Glenn also built a new junior modified #77 for owner / driver Jim Johnson that year.


While keeping his older #11 junior modified, Glenn also built a new junior modified for the 1973 racing season and had Davie Moore install an "Amarillo-T" body on it.  In this one, he installed a Chevrolet Powerglide transmission behind the Chevrolet-six engine.  Glenn painted this car black too and kept the car-number 111.  With Haas as the driver again, they finished runner-up to Don McElhinny for the 1973 points title at 81 Speedway and then won the 1974 season points championship there with the new car.  In fact, Haas won three season points championships at 81 Speedway in 1974.  Besides the junior modified title, he was also crowned the late model stock car champion and the mini-stock champion there that year.  That was three point titles at the same racetrack with three different car owners.  In the nearly two years that he drove for Glenn, Haas only bent a bumper on one occasion.


A racing booster club was formed at 81 Speedway around 1970 to assist in raising sponsorship for the cars and the races they competed in.  Ron Cuda was later elected president and Glenn was elected vice-president.  The two served the booster club in those positions through 1974.  Ron Cuda raised some sponsorship for his own racing too and talked Glenn into letting him drive his older, black #11 junior modified at 81 Speedway in 1973 where he finished ninth in the season points title chase that year.  Thus, owning junior modifieds #111 and #11, Glenn's racing team became known as the "Five Aces Racing Team."


Since he had won the season points championship in 1974, Glenn was not sure what he wanted to do in 1975.  He sold the championship-winning #111 junior modified to Ken Pearson who painted it red but retained the #111.  He also gave the black #11 junior modified to Ron Cuda who converted it into a super modified, painted it red, and drove it for a short time.  Near the end of 1976, Cuda sold the car to Larry Mossman and Dr. Bruce Wells of Winfield, Kansas.  They had the car number changed to #32 and Mossman became the primary driver of the car at 81 Speedway; Caney Speedway at Caney, Kansas; and Lakeside Speedway at Dewey, Oklahoma.  Since Mossman was a Kansas highway patrolman, he raced the car under the alias "Roger Bond".  Glenn then bought a boat and a camper and took some time away from racing - sort of.  His day-job required him to travel all across the country so Glenn became a part-time representative for Nance Speed Shop in Wichita.  Whenever his day-job would send him to another city, Glenn would check the local listings for speed shops and call on them trying to get them to handle racing parts from Nance.  Latter Nance would put out a full-color catalog to do that job.  By then though, Glenn was sharing a shop with race car builder Dale Parsons in the north part of Wichita building fiberglass Ducktail, Vicky (Crown Victoria), and sprint car bodies for Nance to sell.  Super modified car builders eventually gravitated to aluminum bodies but they had also increased the wheelbase on the cars.  That change required changing over to longer fiberglass hoods so Glenn began building those.  When the slopped hoods began becoming popular on super modifieds, those were made of aluminum so Glenn began making and selling seven-piece fiberglass Chevrolet Camaro bodies to late model stock car racers at a price of around $400 each.


Glenn's son, Steve, decided that he wanted to get into the sport of auto racing in 1976 so Glenn returned to the sport to help him.  Steve was meticulous when it came to body work and the Stults street stock car was named the most photogenic car at 81 Speedway several years in a row.  Steve worked his way up, competing in the street stock class in 1976 and 1977.  Glenn purchased a used semi-late model stock car from Bob Billups, Jr. and they raced that in 1978 through 1980 before selling it to someone in Minot, North Dakota and moving up to the sportsman class.  Glenn assisted Oren Haas in winning the season points championship at 81 Speedway in 1980 while Steve began driving a "Sprint 4" owned by Ted Reed.  With Steve driving, they finished second to Jack Lamb in the Kansas State Mini-Modified championship in 1983 before winning that title outright in 1984 and 1985.  Steve also finished second to Walt McWhorter in the Winter Nationals run at Hutchinson in October of 1984 and then second to Bill Rigsby in the mini-modified class at the 1985 Hutchinson Nationals.  Steve drove in the late model class until 1992 when he began running in the modified class in a car owned by Glenn's son-in-law, Darrell Beckham, Jr. who had purchased it from the Rich Wilson family.  Steve's next modified was purchased from Larry Pankratz and was later sold to Oren Haas.  Steve drove modifieds owned by Ron Cuda from 1996 through 1998 before moving into a modified owned by his father-in-law, John Herrman.  Herrman had purchased a John-Allen-built modified and that combination produced feature wins at the Five-State Fair at the Seward County Fairgrounds at Liberal, Kansas and at 81 Speedway.  2001 found Steve driving a modified owned by Ron Cuda and that combination won the season points championship for Steve and Cuda in 2003 at 81 Speedway.  Although their championship modified had been destroyed in an accident at the 2004 Hutchinson Nationals, they were able to get a new modified in time to compete in the last four races of the year winning the Fall Classic at 81 Speedway.  The Stults family retired from racing after winning the Fall Classic at 81 Speedway in 2004.


Racing just seemed to run in Glenn's family.  Son-in-law Darrell Beckham, Jr. drove street stock cars and owned semi-late models and modifieds.  Son-in-law Dennis Roth raced hobby stocks, street stocks, and super stock cars.  Son Steve drove street stocks, semi-late models, sportsman, sprint 4, mini-modified, late-model stock cars, and modifieds.  Daughter Brenda drove a car #2 in the Valvoline Series at 81 Speedway winning the season points championship there in 1996 and 1997.  She was in second place in points when that racing series was discontinued in 1998.  Besides relatives, some of the drivers that spent time in Glenn's cars were: Ray Eubank, Oren Haas, Bill Bookout, Ray Riner, Jim McAmis and Ron Cuda.


Throughout it all, Steve kept the car number 111 and Glenn not only helped with the cars but built each one of the engines except for those in the Ted-Reed-owned Sprint 4 which Ted built himself, and those built by Bruce Serene for Ron Cuda.  Glenn did not just build the engines though.  He was always there to listen to them and massage them as needed.  That was quite a chore considering that, at one time, there were six cars running Glenn's engines.  He said he tried to do more with less and probably got more satisfaction out of seeing one of his low-buck engines outrun one that had cost someone a whole lot more.


Glenn was inducted into the 81 Speedway Hall of Fame in 2001.  Three other members of the Five Aces Racing Team are in the 81 speedway Hall of Fame as well.  George Riley and Oren Haas were inducted in 2000 while Ron Cuda was inducted in 2006.


Glenn Stults passed away in Wichita on December 18, 2013 and is buried in the Maize Park Cemetery west of Maize, Kansas.


The following is a list of the racetracks where Glenn has competed over the years:


54 Speedway, Yates Center, Kansas

81 Speedway, Park City, Kansas

Air Capital Speedway, Wichita, Kansas

Belleville High Banks, North Central Kansas Fairgrounds, Belleville, Kansas

Caney Speedway, Caney, Kansas

Dodge City Raceway Park, Dodge City, Kansas

Enid Motor Speedway, Garfield County Fairgrounds, Enid, Oklahoma

Heartland Park, Topeka, Kansas

Hutchinson Raceway Park, Hutchinson, Kansas

Jetmore Motorplex, Jetmore, Kansas

Kansas State Fairgrounds, Hutchinson, Kansas

McCarty Speedway, Wright Park, Dodge City, Kansas

Mohawk Speedway, Hutchinson, Kansas

Riverside Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri

Salina Speedway, Salina, Kansas

Seward County Speedway, Seward County Fairgrounds, Liberal, Kansas

WaKeeney Speedway, Trego County Fairgrounds, WaKeeney, Kansas

Woodward Fairgrounds, Woodward, Oklahoma




Race Cars Built by Glenn Stults 

Year Built

Car #



Car Owner







Glenn Stults

Jim McAmis






Glenn Stults

Jim McAmis





Super Modified

Lee Kerstine

Wylan Cattrell





Junior Modified

Glenn Stults

Ray Eubanks

Oren Haas

Ron Cuda





Junior Modified

Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson





Junior Modified

Glenn Stults

Oren Haas




Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\1-mini-sprint-4.jpg

Steve Stults in the Ted-Reed-owned #1 Ford.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\1-mini-sprint-1.jpg

Steve Stults at 81 Speedway in the early 1980s with

the Ford sprint 4 that he drove for owner Ted Reed.

Glenn did chassis and other pit work on this car.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\1-mini-sprint-6.jpg

Ted Reed's Ford sprint 4 at 81 Speedway in the

early 1980s.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\1_Steve_Stults,_Ted_Reed_left_and_Glenn_Stults_right.jpg

Trophy presentation after winning the mini-modified

A feature event at the Kansas State Fair on

September 9, 1984.  L. to R: Ted Reed, two

unidentified women, Steve Stults and Glenn.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\Stults-Lamb-Colburn.jpg

#1 Steve Stults on the inside, #11 Jack Lamb in the

middle, and #14 Jim Colburn on the outside of a

turn in sprint 4 action at 81 Speedway in 1987


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\Tablerock-1990.jpg

The Stults' home on Table Rock Lake in Missouri

in 1990


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\Nationals.jpg

Glenn working on one of his engines at the

Hutchinson Nationals at the Kansas State

Fairgrounds in Hutchinson, KS


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\25-Darrell-Beckham-2-Brenda-Beckham.jpg

 Glenn's daughter, Brenda Stults Beckham, and his

son-in-law, Darrell Beckham, Jr. drove these cars at

81 Speedway in the mid-1990s.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-black-modified.jpg

A Steve-Stults-driven, Darrell-Beckham-Jr.-owned

modified in the Beckham garage.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-Stults_Garage.jpg

Late model stock car and a modifieds both owned by

Darrell Beckham, Jr. in the Beckham garage


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\5HappyKids2001.jpg

Five Happy Kids

Glenn's five children in 2001:  L to R: Darren,

Glenda, Kim, Brenda, and Steve.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-modified-at-81.jpg

Steve-Stults-driven, John-Herrman-owned

modified at 81 Speedway.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-Steve-Stults-at-81.jpg

Steve Stults with his modified at 81 Speedway.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\111-white.jpg

The Stults' modified at 81 Speedway.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\44r_Stults_96.jpg

#44R Steve Stults in a Ron-Cuda-owned

modified and #86 Brian Franz.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\44_Steve_Stults_Hog_Wild.jpg

Steve Stults drove this modified owned by Ron



Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\44r-at-81-in-2001.jpg

44R Steve Stults in a Ron-Cuda-owned modified

at 81 Speedway in 2001.


Description: C:\50megs\Hutch_Nationals\photos\Stults\trailer.jpg

Darrell Beckham, Jr.'s car trailer.












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Unless otherwise noted, all of the photos on this

web page are from the Stults family collection.