Charles John “Charlie” Lutkie

1918 - 2013


The first three photos on this web page were taken of Charlie Lutkie at Cejay Stadium in Wichita, Kansas in 1949.  Lutkie had purchased this track hot rod from Cotton Musick who had built it.  Later, Lutkie fitted the flathead engine with Ardun heads – Jim Edwards photo


Jim Edwards photo from the J. R. Cox collection



This photo shows the car airborn as Lutkie makes the famous jump from the longer race track onto the shorter race track at Cejay Stadium – Jim Edwards photo


Charlie Lutkie taking starter Ted Davis’ checkerd flag at Cejay Stadium in Wichita, Kansas in 1949

Jim Edwards photo


Charlie Lutkie is shown here tinkering with his V8 Mercury Flathead engine

1949 program, Cejay Stadium, Wichita, Kansas in the Jim Edwards collection


Charlie Lutkie in his #5 Mercury track hot rod.  Standing at right is Frank Manley - 1949 - Lies collection


Frank Manley at left and Charlie Lutkie at right at Cejay Stadium in Wichita, Kansas in 1949.  The man in the center is unidentified - Lies collection


This photo was taken on April 23, 1950 at Scott City, Kansas.  Left to right are Frank Manley, Charlie Lutkie, and Bob Schuelke.  Note that the car was equipped with the Ardun heads by this time - Lies collection



Publicity piece that appeared in the Wichita Eagle newspaper in 1951

Sharon Smith collection