Willard Cable Prentiss

1897 - 1959


Willard Prentiss is shown here at a Sterling, Illinois racetrack.  He went on to compete in the Indianapolis 500 in 1933, starting 40th and finishing 13th.  He tried to qualify two different cars for the 1934 Indianapolis 500 but failed to gain enough speed in either to start the race.  He is buried in the Fort Logan National Cemetery at Denver, Colorado Harold Osmer collection


Willard Prentiss at Muskogee, Oklahoma in 1931 Russell D. Hill collection



Willard Prentiss is shown here with his wife seated in his own car at Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1930

Doug Riedy collection as published in the book, Valley County THUNDER, The History of Racing at Ord, Nebraska by V. Ray Valasek and Bob Mays

Click your mouse on the photo above to see a similar photo taken of the other side of this Prentiss Special probably taken within minutes of this one  Lew Irwin collection


Another photo of Willard Prentiss in his Prentiss Special bobtail racer Kevin Able collection


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Kevin Able collection


Willard Prentiss at Indianapolis in the G & D Hudson he unsuccessfully tried to qualify for the 500 mile race there in 1934.  The car was owned by Tulio Golotta of Kansas City.  It appears that Prentiss also practiced in the Wehr Rotary Valve Special that year but that car did not qualify for the race either Indianapolis Motor Speedway photo from the Kevin Able collection