Rules for the Tin Lizzie Derby



All cars must be stock Model-T Fords.




All cars must be equipped as follows: timer, coils, standard gear ratio.  Body may be roadster, without truck box, touring with backseat cut away, if the driver wishes, couple or sedan.  Driver must cut top off at bottom of windshield.  All glass and windshield must be removed from the car.




Drivers wishing to install a water pump may do so.  One oil line anywhere from transmission to front bearing.  Drivers wishing to remove magnets from flywheel may do so.  Cars may operate on battery or magnets.




Cars must have standard Model-T wheels, wire or wooden, any standard or oversize tire that will fit standard Model-T wheel can be used.




All motors must be strictly Model-T Ford including cast iron pistons, standard Ford valve springs, standard Ford connecting rods, standard Ford camshaft.  Skirting or drilling of pistons or of connecting rods strictly prohibited.  Driver may drill bottom cap of connecting rod and place an oil dip thereon if he wishes.




Fenders and running boards must be removed.




Springs may be heated 4 inches from each shackle and bent to the axle.  Springs may also be strapped or tied down to axle.  Radius rods and tie rods may be reinforced with angle iron in order to make front end of car more ridged.  All drivers must report with their cars to Eddie Cluxton at the racetrack on the day of the race not later than 12:30 p.m. sharp.




All cars may use a regular gasoline.  Do not use Ethel or aviation gasoline or use any means of doctoring the regular gas that you use.




Each car will be allowed two men, only one may to be in the car at a time, second man to remain in the pit assigned to each car so as to be of assistance to his car or driver.




Driver must sign a contract and waver releasing all parties concerned.




Cars will be allowed as many times during the race as they wish, for changing tires, water, gasoline, or drivers.




All drivers entered in this race must be non-professional race drivers.




All drivers draw for their post positions before the race.




An entry fee of $15 will be charged for each car.  Each car is allowed one sponsor.  Driver must paint three numbers upon his car: one number on each side and one number on the radiator.  Driver will get their official number upon registering and paying their entry fee.




New rules and regulations may be added or old ones changes without notice by Mr. Cluxton or Mr. Franklin in the interests of contestants, sponsors, and spectators.




Any driver not abiding by these rules and regulations will be forced to withdraw from the race and forfeit his or her entry fee.




In case of bad weather, this race will be held the following Sunday.




Anyone being reckless of using unfair methods or using liquors before or during the race will be disqualified and will forfeit the entry fee.




The set time and day of the race will be Sunday, August 27, 2 p.m., at Stearns Race Track in Wichita, Kansas.




A purse of $500 will be awarded the winners of this race.  The winners as follows:  First prize $250; second prize, $150; third prize, $75; fourth prize, $25.




All drivers are warned to keep their racers strictly stock as the winning cars will be torn down after the race for inspection by a squad of mechanics who will determine the winners.




These rules for the Tin Lizzie Derby were published on page 10 of the Tuesday, August 8, 1939 issue of the Wichita Beacon newspaper.



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