Race Cars of the 1920s and 30s

Sprint Cars Before There Were Sprint Cars


Even though the term "sprint car" did not exist in the 1920s and '30s, that is what these machines were.  They were called, simply, "race cars" or, sometimes, "dirt track cars".  When the midgets came along in 1933, these became "big cars".  The present name of "sprint car" was not used until about 1950.

Most of the photos on this page were taken by Larry Sullivan and are from the Harold Osmer collection.



John Bagley

Dutch Bauman

Ben Bennefield

Wes Breeding

Frank Brisko

Frank Brisko

Bagley Fronty


Chevrolet D.O. Fronty

Breeding D.O. Fronty

Burbach D.O. Fronty








Cotton Bunker

Red Campbell

Bob Carey

Maynard Clark

Howard Dauphin

Burt Fickens

Brown D.O. Gallivan

Morgan Miller

Vance D.O. Vance

Clark D.O. Fronty


Bagley D.O. Fronty







Glen Hiett

Paul Markgraf

Vern McComb

Harry McQuinn

Buzz Mendenhall

Don Morgan

Kinsey D.O. Fronty

Sills D.O. Fronty

Palmer S.O. Clemons

Walls D.O Fronty


D.O. Fronty







Harry Nichols

Willard Prentiss

Pete Romcevich

Mauri Rose

Gus Schrader

Gus Schrader

Saules Miller 4


DuMay D.O. Fronty

Jansen D.O. Vance

Schrader D.O. Fronty

Schrader D.O. Fronty







Gus Schrader

Lou Scheibell

Jimmy Trainor

Ernie Triplett

Jimmy Ward

Howdy Wilcox

Boyle Valve Dodge


Burton D.O. Fronty

D.O. Gallivan

Walls D.O.Fronty

Chevrolet Brothers










Thank You To:

Jeff Adams, Harold Osmer and Don Radbruch












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