Frederick Emil "Fritz" Kuntzsch

1923 1996


Fritz Kuntzsch standing in the light colored shirt at Larned, Kansas in 1958.  The car had been painted a light metallic blue - Klein collection




Fritz Kuntzsch working inside the Ford coupe at Larned, Kansas in 1958 - Klein collection




Fritz Kuntzsch at left with crewman Art Walton at Larned, Kansas in 1958.  Kuntzsch both owned and drove this coupe that he had built with Walton's assistance - Klein collection




The woman nearest the camera is Jean (Mrs. Art) Walton in this 1958 photo - Klein collection




End of the line for the #35 Ford coupe.  Fritz Kuntzsch was driving it when he crashed on the first lap of the A feature at the Rush County Fair at LaCrosse, Kansas on August 13, 1958.  Click your mouse on the photo to see another photo taken of the car by the Larned, Kansas Tiller and Toiler newspaper at about the same time but at a little better angle - Klein collection