Lester Summersí Micro Midget



ABOVE:  Lester Summers of Ocala, Florida is shown here with a micro midget he built and raced in central Florida in the mid 1950s.  The hood ornament is from a Packard Swan - the one without the wings.  All of the metal work on the car was one piece welded to another such as the wind fairing in front of the steering wheel and the head rest which was half an old headlight "bullet".  There was also a sister car to the #0-5 that looked just like it but carried the #92 instead.† The last known sighting of these cars was in the Carriage Cavalcade display at Silver Springs, Florida in the 1960s.† Have you seen either of the cars since that time?

BELOW:  Lester Summersí children seated in the car c1953 - Photos from the Summers family collection courtesy of Dale Summers